A test for your marriage


This test may help to open lines of communication.

You and your partner could mark the symptoms that you think apply in your relationship. Talk together about the one you feel the strongest.

1)  We always seem to be competing with one another.
2)  I feel nagged or over-supervised.
3)  I often feel bored and lonely.
4)  We don't seem to be interested in each other's problems.
5)  We seem to be in a rut.
6)  There's a lot more rudeness, teasing, sarcasm or just plain insults than there used to be.
7)  Sometimes I feel that there are others who understand me better than you do.
8)  I find it easier to watch TV, socialize with friends, drink, or say that I'm under the weather rather than talk face-to-face with you.
9)  I feel a coolness in our relationship.
10)  I never seem to have much say in the plans that we make.
11)  I feel we take each other for granted.
12)  I think we quarrel too frequently.
13)  Our conversations always seem superficial.
14)  We seem to have lost the thoughtfulness and small courtesies in our relationship.
15)  I seem to get more than my share of the responsibility for the children.
16)  I feel a lack of romantic love.
17)  There seems to be an increase in the number of headaches and other excuses that prevent us from having sex.

If it helps, write to each other about the symptom you are most concerned about. Compare notes, in a quiet relaxed atmosphere, and not too late at night when you are over-tired!