How to use these studies.

Pray first, asking the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart to see wonderful things in God’s word.

Read the reviews for each study and choose which you think is an appropriate course for your situation or your group.

Read the first pages of the first study and answer the first few questions related to the written notes.

Look up all the Bible verses recommended and keep a note in a journal of any verses that really jump out at you and make you feel excited – that is God speaking to you!

The following questions in this first study usually follow a Bible passage which it suggests you read. When answering the questions, just keep communicating with the Holy Spirit and write down anything that comes to you. You will grow in confidence as you share your answers with friends and see that any thoughts you have had about being wrong are not well founded.

Meet together in a group to enable you to encourage others and see what answers they have got out of the same verses. This also enables you to look at the passage for a second time.

It does help if you meet in a group where someone has the gift of teaching and they can speak with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, open up the same Bible verses and perhaps highlight a part that you have found difficult. Then, at the end of the session, you can pick up or download the next set of notes in the series you have chosen, which again will open up the verses to you, challenge and encourage you.

Focus on what the Holy Spirit has made real for you in the study and PRAY, asking God to enable you to obey where you know you have to act.

READ!                         HEAR!                         PRAY AND OBEY!