Many ways to praise a child


Wow! Way to go! Super! You're special You're ace! Outstanding!
Excellent! Great! Good! Neat Well done! Remarkable!
I knew you could do it I'm proud of you Fantastic! Superstar! Nice work! Looking good!
You're on top of it Beautiful! Now you're flying You're catching on Now you've got it! You're incredible!
Bravo! You're fantastic Hooray for you! You're on target You're on your way You give so much joy
How nice! How smart! Good job! That's incredible! Hot dog! Dynamite!
You're beautiful! You're unique Nothing can stop you now Good for you! I like you You're a darling!
You're a winner! Remarkable! Beautiful work! Spectacular! You're spectacular! You're precious
Great discovery! You've discovered the secret You figured it out Fantastic job! Hip, Hip, Hurray! You're the best!
Magnificent! Brilliant! Marvellous! Terrific! You're important Phenomenol!
You're sensational! Super work! Creative job! Super job! Fantastic job! Exceptional performance!
You're a real trooper! You are responsible You are exciting! You learned it right! What an imagination! What a good listener!
You are fun! You're growing up You tried hard You care Beautiful sharing! Outstanding performance!
You're a good friend! I trust you You're important You mean a lot to me You make me happy You belong
You've got a friend You make me laugh! You brighten my day! I respect you You mean the world to me That's correct!
You're a joy! You're so gentle You're a treasure! You're wonderful You're perfect Awesome
A-star job! You're A-OK! You made my day! That's the best! A big hug! A big kiss!


Remember a smile is worth a thousand words.