ZV7L0528 MarriageSex outside Marriage:

Pre-marital sex.

You cannot see someone as being valuable and precious and still enter into pre-marital sex with them. If you do you are saying you don’t see any value in that person.

If a marriage occurs between a couple without agape love (see Love in Marriage), it can still work, as long as they find themselves pleasing to one another (philia), but without agape it is very likely that the marriage will break up in time. Agape love can be developed by any person who is determined to be filled with the love of God. Some of the best marriages have come about when couples have come to the point where they can’t see anything good about their partner, have committed themselves to walk in love anyway, with the grace and mercy of God, and the feelings have followed. God’s love has always got to be a million times better than our natural love.


Satan is out to break up marriages. If you don’t see or value your life-time partner, it will be very easy for Satan to deceive you. Then someone else may enter into the picture who you may think is more pleasing to you than your husband or wife. Up until now Satan has made good success in perverting the minds of men and women.

Agape is not automatic. It takes time, effort and work with patience to see someone as valuable and precious.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is …….

Don’t say you can’t see anything good in a person, because if God can, then so can you.

You can only base your home on Agape love, otherwise you will have problems.