Sue's Story


How to start a Joy for Life Group

This video is the introduction to the Studies of Real Women that Sue has written.


Eve - Go back to the Garden. Let's consider all that happened in the Garden of Eden, what was ruined and how we can have victory in our weakness.

Sarah - Nothing is too hard for God


The Ten Virgins - Are you ready?


Rebekah - The Perfect Bride. Chosen for the most eligible bachelor, willing to go to the end of the earth, the miracle of twins, but such a sad end to life.

The Shunammite Woman. Death and Resurrection



Mary, the Virgin. Blessed above all women. She was chosen by the Father to be the mother of His Son, the Saviour of the world, a calling she completed with much pain.

Naaman’s Servant Girl. One word out of your mouth, backed up by loving behaviour, can lead to complete healing for your boss!

Delilah. Are you a darling or a Delilah? In our relationships, what are we using our gifts for? Is our love pure and holy like God's love seen in Jesus?

Rahab. With a questionable reputation, she was used by God to rescue the Children of Israel.As she looked to the red cord, both she and her family were rescued. She went on to be one of Jesus' ancestors.