Sue Hurst

Ruth Burton

Paul Hicks

Joy for Life can come together, whether it's just two people or larger groups, at home, in a coffee shop or at church. You can expect to discover more about Jesus using this tried and tested format of answering homework questions with your Bible as the verses speak to you personally. Meeting with friends and sharing your answers in a group can be particularly helpful. Equally, listening to someone in a group who is able to explain a passage from the Bible can be really good. Making notes is an excellent way to reinforce all that you have heard God saying to you. However, if you're on your own, you can also download one of the Joy for Life studies to work on at your own pace: just you and the Holy Spirit. Many people find that God speaks to them intimately when they're on their own like this.

The founder of Joy for Life is Sue Hurst. (Click on her photo to watch her story.) She became a Christian in Melbourne, Australia, in 1973 and is the mother of four children, with ten grand-children. She travelled extensively with her husband, David, to share God's word and their testimony in such places as Eastern Europe before the end of the "Cold War", Myanmar, USA, Australia, Sri Lanka and Western Europe. Everywhere, Sue found that people responded to the love of God, resulting in changed and healed lives.

Sue has spent the last twenty years designing, preparing, writing and rewriting the Joy for Life study material, as well as leading Joy for Life groups. She is never happier than when she is helping a woman discover how valuable she is to God the Father. Creating Joy for Life has enabled Sue to become an experienced mentor to many women in a multitude of different situations. She is determined to show that Joy for Life can only happen if Jesus is the centre of our lives and the word of God becomes our foundation.

Ruth Burton has been part of the prayer support for Joy for Life since it started. She has been an inspiration to us and has challenged the boundaries of our faith time and again. Without Ruth, whose wisdom is priceless and her prayers so faithful, we would be unable to even contemplate the growth of Joy for Life into this new and exciting phase. As you join us in studying the word of God, you can expect your life to change and you will be blessed as you learn more about the Lord of Life, Jesus Christ.

Paul Hicks has been a fantastic technical support since Dave passed away for all computer-related issues. He has transferred all the studies on the original Joy for Life site from WordPress to Joomla, checked a lot of the writing, made sure that all the Bible verses are "live" and introduced all the new pictures which bring life and colour to every page. He has been working behind the scenes for about five years and I know the anointing on him by the Holy Spirit is very clear to see. My "thank you" is nothing compared to the crown of glory he will receive when he meets Jesus, but I am very very grateful.

We are very grateful to all who have proof-read the modules and suggested such wonderful ideas and changes that have added to the value of the studies. We are also grateful to the many women who have used the studies and told us of the joy of finding studies that are geared towards women's issues and these have proved to be priceless.

We would love to hear how you found our new site and the various courses. We would really appreciate it if you would complete our contact form.