What we do

At Joy For Life, we...

provide studies centred on the word of God that are designed with the aim of helping church-goers to grow in God's grace, learning more about Him and developing their full potential: God's plan for their lives. We also want to introduce to Jesus those who know nothing about Him and to point them to His teaching as the best place for good advice and practical help with love, rather than condemnation. We want these studies to be helpful to everyone, but they are written deliberately from a woman's perspective and are likely to resonate particularly with women.

The emphasis in all the studies is on spiritual growth, that comes from responding to God's word and teaching rather than academic learning. It is our prayer that, over time, we shall see many more women understanding the Holy Spirit's revelation of who we are in Jesus Christ and stepping forward to play their full part in the home and family, but also in the work-place, local church and community. We believe that this will engender a powerful sense of love and concern for others and will bring many more people to know Jesus Christ for themselves.

As we grow closer to our Father in heaven, understand all that Jesus has done for us and learn to walk closely with the Holy Spirit, we begin to recognise and identify with the needs of others. We ourselves become the means by which other people are blessed by God and able to inspire others to seek the same freedom from failings and weaknesses that we have discovered for ourselves. In this way, we aim to make the kingdom of Jesus Christ a reality "here on earth as it is in heaven".