First of all, a practical point. It can be very valuable to look at the studies amongst a group of people. If this is the case, everyone can either bring their own device or you may wish to consider printing out both the study and the associated questions (at the end of each study). You can do this by using the "PRINT" facility in your web browser, either from its menu options or by using the <Ctrl> and <P> key combination. It can be helpful to use the printed sheets to write in individual answers before sharing them within the group.

We suggest that you start with a prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of your heart to see wonderful things in God's word.

Read the opening notes for each study and choose the one that you think is most appropriate for your own situation or your group.

Read the first pages of the first study and answer the first few questions related to the written notes.

Look up all the Bible verses recommended and keep a note in a journal of any verses that really jump out at you and make you feel excited. That is God speaking to you!

The questions associated with most of the studies are accessed by clicking on the link marked, "QUESTIONS". This will open a separate tab in your browser. Please note that many of the question files are still in a combined format with the original version of the study, followed by the questions. All of the studies were revised in 2023-2024 and it's intended to provide just the questions in a slightly new format for each study, but it will take some months for all of the questions to be revised and presented in the new format.

Amongst the questions, there are some additional Bible passages which it is suggested that you read. When answering the questions, just keep communicating with the Holy Spirit and write down anything that comes to you. You will grow in confidence as you share your answers with friends and see that any thoughts you have had about being wrong are not well founded.

Meeting together in a group is ideal because it enables people to encourage each other and to talk through different understandings of various passages. It also enables you to look at the passages for a second time.

It can really help if you meet in a group where someone has the gift of teaching and can speak, with the help of the Holy Spirit, about verses or passages of Scripture that some members have found difficult. Then, at the end of the session, you can pick up or download the next set of notes in the series you have chosen. Again, these will open up the verses to you, challenge and encourage you.

Focus on what the Holy Spirit has made real for you in the study and PRAY, asking God to enable you to obey where you know you have to act.