Our Bible Studies

The quotations in our Studies are, unless otherwise indicated, from the New International Version of the Bible (NIV). All pop-ups of Bible verses are taken from the New English Translation (NET).

Joyful Woman DSCN2809

Joyful Woman!                                     
This Study has 16 modules investigating Proverbs 31. It has been written to help women dig deeper into God's description of the best lifestyle for them, and to help men understand the woman's role and her place in the world. Women need to recognise that we can only be truly great because of Who we are in Jesus Christ. God thinks we are valuable just as we are and there is nothing we can do to make Him love us more! Dig into His final Word on the position of women!

Acts DSCN2242

Acts of the Holy Spirit
This is a study in 33 modules revealing how the Early Church was inaugurated, empowered and transformed as it rapidly grew under the dynamic leadership of brave men of God filled with the Holy Spirit. It documents the first 33 years of the life of the Church as it grew from a handful of men, behind locked doors in Jerusalem, frightened of the religious authorities, into a Body which reached to the ends of the known world. This Church has remapped people and society wherever men and women have been bold enough to preach the Gospel.

Real Love rose-386396

Real Love
This is a 24 module study which looks at all angles of love in the epistle of 1 John. It is a preparation for end times as John warns strongly about the antichrist at the same time challenging those who feel comfortable just being a good person, where do they really stand with God. It also encourages all those who walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit to do the works that God has planned for them and not miss out on all Jesus died to give us.

Real Church DSCN3481

Real Church
This is a 12 module study on the book of James with great emphasis on how his direction works out in our Church life. It covers how to have joy in tough times; getting our faith to work; the importance of our tongue and how that changes the atmosphere in a Church. Also the excitement of seeing how Jesus Christ heals today and so much more. Just twelve weeks to change your Church life!

Power Up! ZV7L0490

Power Up!                        
This study, named Power Up! is based on John's Gospel. It has been written to help us ensure that we have our basic foundations in the Christian life right. We will then be able to take off on a very exciting life of faith, hope and love as we follow the footsteps of Jesus, getting to know Him better. By the time we have completed the 34 modules and look at the resurrection each of us will know that we have really grown as a Christian.

Living with Jesus ZV7L0238_plus 01

Living with Jesus
These 16 studies have been prepared with both the new and the established Christian in mind. It is also a wonderful Course enabling the believer of any age to go back to basics, or if you feel that you have slipped back you can review how you stand with God and have the joy of your salvation restored to you.

Real Women ZV7L0030

Real Women!
God loves women and all through the Bible He shows it. We have chosen the stories of 29 women, some of whom have followed Him and others who have turned their backs on Him. We can learn so much from what is written about them, and with the help of the Holy Spirit not make the same mistakes, but receive the great blessings of a love walk with Jesus.

Revelation DSCN2945

This is made up of 34 Studies. In it we look at how John was given this remarkable revelation as he was 'In the Spirit on the Lord's Day.' Revelation 1:9-11. John was 'the disciple whom Jesus loved' John 13:23, John 19:26 and John 20:2 and other references. John was a leader of the Churches in Asia Minor and he unashamedly preached the Gospel. He was exiled to Patmos, a remote prison colony in the Aegean Sea. It was here that he was given the most remarkable vision of future events, many of which are unfolding on a daily basis in the world today, and some more of which we can only see vaguely, even some of which we cannot fully understand at all. You will enjoy this Study as it helps you to understand events that are unfolding now.


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