aZV7L0426At Joy for Life, we…

….. provide studies centred on the Word of God, with the purpose that women who attend Church grow in grace, in the knowledge of God, and rise up into their full potential and Godly plan for their lives. Also that women who don’t know anything about Jesus begin to see Him and His Word as the best place for good advice, practical help and full of love, not condemnation.

The emphasis in all the studies is on spiritual growth by acting on the Word of God, rather than on gaining head knowledge. Over a period of time it is expected to see a great arising of women, receiving Holy Spirit revelation of who we are in Jesus Christ. We will take our God-given position both in our families, in our workplaces and in the Body of Christ, bringing with us a very powerful sense of love and concern for others, and bringing new people to Jesus Christ.

As we grow closer to our Father, understand all Jesus has done for us and walk closely with the Holy Spirit, we will identify others’ needs. We will be totally determined to be very broad channels of blessing, setting other captives free, just as we ourselves have been set free and to be like Jesus in the world. We will take the authority over our enemy that Jesus paid for in full.