Who is my Father?

2015_IMG_0494Who is my Father?

I belong to Him, He is the First and the Last, beginning and end, Revelation !:8
He is the Keeper of Creation and the Creator of all, Genesis 1:1
He is the Architect of the Universe and Manager of all time, Hebrews 11:3
He always was, always is, always will be, Psalm 136
He is unmoved, unchanged, undefeated, never undone, Psalm 89:8
He was bruised but brought healing, Luke 13:32
He was pierced but eased pain, Revelation 1:7
He was persecuted but brought freedom, John 15:20
He was dead but brings life, Mark 9:31
He was risen but brings power and, Matthew 28:6
He was raised to bring peace, John 14:27

The world cannot understand Him, John 16:33
Armies cannot defeat Him. 2 Peter 2:17-19
Schools cannot explain Him and leaders can’t ignore Him
Herod couldn’t kill Him, Matthew 2:7
Nero couldn’t crush Him; Acts 25:25
New Age can’t replace Him and
Oprah cannot explain Him away!

He is Light; He is Love; He is longevity and He is Lord, John 8:12
He is goodness, and kindness and faithfulness, Psalm 25:10
He is God; He is Holy and Righteous and Powerful and Pure, Ps 18:30
His ways are right, Daniel 4:37
His Word is Eternal, John 6:63
His will is unchanging and His mind is on us, Job 23:13; Heb 6:17,18
He is our Saviour, our Guide; our Peace; our Joy, our Comfort, our Lord
And He rules our lives, John 14:18; John 16:7-15